Our Policies  

Reservation & Cancellation Policy:  All reservations must be booked and paid by Credit Card at the time of booking. Reservations require a 48-hour advance booking either thru our website or by phone. We will accept reservations within the 48 hours prior to travel if we have availability and they are NON-REFUNDABLE. Cancellations for groups reservations for more than one vehicle within 14 days prior to travel date and time are NON-REFUNDABLE. Cancellations within 48 hours prior to travel date for single vehicles (no groups 2+ vehicles) are NON-REFUNDABLE.  We will make every effort to accommodate a change to your reservation within the 48 hours or 14 day cancellation window but cannot guarantee availability.  This effort does not waive the NON-REFUNDABLE policy within 48 hours or 14 days (2 or more vehicles) of the date and time of reserved trip. Gratuities that are included in single vehicle reservations are not refundable inside the 48 hour prior to trip window.  Outside the 48 hours gratuity will be refunded. Gratuities that are included in a 2+ vehicle reservation are not refundable inside the 48 hour prior to trip window.  Outside the 48 hours gratuity will be refunded.

Any reservation cancelled qualifying as "Refundable" will be charged a $25 service fee per reservation/vehicle. The rest of the charged amount will be refunded.

Grocery Stops: Big Sky Shuttle, Inc. will charge $10 per vehicle for a grocery stop of 20 minutes. Groceries must be PRE-ORDERED per our instructions.  Big Sky Shuttle faciilitates this service but does not order or pay for groceries for guests.  Groceries stops without pre-order will be automatically charged to the guests credit card at $100 per hour in 15 minutes increments.

Reservations are not fully confirmed at the time of booking.  You will receive a second notification once your reservation has been accepted.

We will accept last minute reservations by phone if we have vehicle and chauffeur availability.  Should a reservation be booked by phone after the 48-hour requirement and accepted, there will be NO REFUND should that reservation be cancelled.

Reservations for all Big Sky Shuttle, Inc. vehicles may be subject to wait time charges due to extra stops requested by guests..  Wait time will be automatically charged to the guests credit card at $100.00 per hour per vehicle and will be billed in 15-minute increments.

Missed Flight Policy:  Big Sky Shuttle, Inc. tracks your flights and will make every effort to arrive on time for your airport arrival and departure.  Due to regular extreme weather in our travel area, please be prepared for departures to leave earlier than scheduled should we deem that necessary and should we have a vehicle available for an earlier departure.  Big Sky Shuttle, Inc. will not be responsible for missed flights at any airport that are a result of inclement weather, unforeseen road closures, highway construction, unusually heavy traffic, or any other obstacles or circumstances to travel outside our control.   Please be aware that in our mountain environment, weather and unforeseen road closures or accidents causing delays can severely effect travel times.  This is particularly relevant during Holidays and peak days during each season.  Should there be a closure in the Gallatin Canyon affecting or prohibiting travel, the only available route is south to Highway 287, west thru Ennis to Four Corners and north to Gallatin Field.  This route can take at least 2.5 hours one way to Gallatin Field.  Should our guests require this accommodation, there is no guarantee we can facilitate this request, but Big Sky Shuttle, Inc. will make every effort to do so if requested.  The original fare for the trip will be amended appropriately based on mileage and/or hours of travel.  

Lost Luggage: Upon arriving at the airport, if your luggage has been lost, we understand that can be a frustrating experience after a long day of travel.  Your chaffuear will be happy to wait while you check with the airline and arrange for your lugage to find you.  There will be no extra charge for this courtesy service. 

Pet Policy: Pets are permitted on board with advance notice at the time of reservation.  Pets must be in their own carrier. 

Minors:  All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult or guardian 18 years or older in all Big Sky Shuttle, Inc. vehicles.  No exceptions.

Child Seats:  Big Sky Shuttle, Inc. will provide, when available, an all in one child seat upon reservation request.  In the state of Montana, all children under the age of 6 or weighing less than 60 pounds are required by law to ride in a federally approved safety seat or booster. Should your reservation take your travel out of the state of Montana we will check the state requirements for you.

**For travel to West Yellowstone:  This route takes your trip through Yellowstone Park and Wyoming on Highway 191 south to West Yellowstone.  Wyoming law is as follows for children and varies slightly from Montana Law.  Please be aware of the difference.

Wyoming Safety Law: “Children must be properly restrained whether in a rear-facing, forward-facing, or booster seat. Depending on the age, weight and height of your child, you will have different requirements. Generally children 8 years old and younger must be in a child seat in the back of the car.”

Seat Belts:  All riders, regardless of age, must wear seat belts while traveling with Big Sky Shuttle, Inc.

Bag Policy:  Each guest will be limited to 3 bags each, including one carry on, one sports equipment (oversize requires advance notice) and one regular piece of luggage.  Big Sky Shuttle, Inc. must be notified at the time of reservation if you have additional luggage or oversized luggage. Additional charges may apply depending on the number of guests.

Vehicle Choice:  Big Sky Shuttle, Inc. may at their discretion, change your vehicle between a Yukon Denali XL and a Nissan NV 3500 SL depending on availability.  Both vehicles book at the same rate.

Rates, Terms & Conditions: All fares are subject to change. Promotions and/or discounts cannot be combined. All airport services provided by Big Sky Shuttle, Inc. are subject to a $1.50 per person airport fee for arrival service at Gallatin Field. Airport concession fees are not subject to discount or negotiation.

Damage Policy: Big Sky Shuttle, Inc. reserves the right to charge a fee for excessive damage to our vehicles or fleet caused by any guest or guests.  For excessive cleaning, a minimum of $250.00 will be charged to the guest.  For excessive damage to the interior of the vehicle including but not limited to the body of the vehicle, leather seats, windows, DVD players, sun roofs and any and all mechanics or amenities on board, Big Sky Shuttle, Inc. reserves the right to charge any guest or guests the amount to correct, repair or replace any said damage. Missing drink ware will be charged to the guest.

Big Sky Shuttle, Inc. reserves the right to change or amend the above policies at any time.