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  "Yellowstone in three glorious days I will never forget. Thank you Virgil and Tracie"

Bears and wolves we don't have in Australia, nor bison or elk. Over three days Virgil took me to all the stunning places in Yellowstone where I could see them, and I did. Big Sky Shuttle has all the good gear for great pictures and memories: a top quality camera, tripod and telescope. We could see the animals in their habitat. Wild ones hanging about the roadside and rare but to be avoided. I wish I had brought powerful binaculars to use as VIrgil drove me to the amazing valleys and peaks.  I loved it all. Maggie, Australia


*Lower Falls

Discover Yellowstone National Park!

Yellowstone National Park's greatest attraction is its' natural resources. Discovery Yellowstone Tours greatest attraction is our natural resources…which are our guides. All of our guides are born and raised Montanans. They have experienced Yellowstone all their lives. Each one of our guides have their own unique experiences and remembrances of the park as they grew up in Montana. They don't just take you to the usual places...they take you to the places that they remember discovering as a child. The places their parents, grandparents and great grandparents showed them.  They will share these adventures and personal experiences and special places with you!


Our guides are all locals with an expert knowledge of the park. They will help you discover iconic Yellowstone stops like Old Faithful, Norris and Mammoth Hot Springs, Middle Geyser Basin, the Grand Prisamtic, Hayen Valley, The Lamar Valley as well as the Grand Canyon to name a few. But on top of this, our expert guides will make sure you get an insider's look at the most beautiful and largely unknown areas of Yellowstone. When you book with Discovery Yellowsotne Tours, you can be confident that your tour will not only be of the best quality, but also one of a kind.  Discovering is amazing!



*Yellowstone Hot Springs

Discover Hot Springs

Yellowstone National Park is an expanisve and magical place filled with wonders, sights, sounds and wildlife! We cusomtize your tour to see what you want to see! We offer Private Luxury Yellowstone Tours for one day or mulitple days. Your guide will contact you prior to the day of your tour to plan your day and map out an itinerary of the things you want to see! And you can change your mind as we are catering to you! We will pick you up in the morning...the earlier the better! Coffee and snacks can be grabbed along the way if desired! From the Bozeman or Big Sky areas, the park entrances are the North Gardiner Entracne or West Yellowstone to the south of Big Sky. Entering in Gardiner will start the day visiting Mammoth Hot Springs. To the east is the famed Lamar Valley, home to many of YNP's wolf packs. Buffalo are tyipically plentiful in the Lamar Valley. Silver Gate / Cooke City is a fun and quaint spot to stop for lunch! You could spend the entire day in the north sector of YNP and return through Tower and even plan an evening at the Roosevelt Old West Cookout! Or we can return passing through Tower Falls, Canyon Village and Norris, exiting West Yellowstone.The possibilities are endless!


Entering from West Yellowstone, you will want to explore the Grand Canyon, Old Faithful, West Thumb Geyser Basin, and maybe have a picnic lunch at Yellowstone Lake. There are also boat excursions offered on Yellowstone Lake!  


Whatever part of YNP you choose to visit, we will be sure you experience as much as possible! 



Discover Wildlife!

DIscover Buffalo, Wolves, Moose, Bears, Elk, Deer, Big Horn Sheep, Fox, Coyote, Trumpeter Swams, Birds Galore! Wildlife abounds in YNP!  And the animals are just waiting for you to find them!  Our guides hone in on where the animals hang out so get your camera ready! We provide complimentary high quality binaculars for an up close view! 


*Old Faithful Erupting

Discover Geysers

Come discover Mammoth Hot Springs, Norris Geyser Basin, Artists Paint Pots, Lower, Middle & Upper Geyser Basins, West Thumb Geyser Basin, The Mud Volcanoe in Hayden Valley Geyser Basin and of course the most famous...Old Faithful!  There are over 10,000 hot springs and geysers in YNP! Yellowstone is home to the worlds largest active geyser fields! The many geyser basins in YNP are constantly changing as they erupt and release steam from the earth.  The stunning colors are across the spectrum from vivid to pastels. Discover it all!


The Young King 

Discovery Yellowstone Tours

Single Day Tours

2016 Yukon Denali XL: 1-6 Guests $799

New Nissan NV 3500:   7-10 Guests $899

Grech 37 Luxury Guest Coach: Call for group pricing.

Luxury Coach Tours include YNP Park Entrance One Day Fee, but do not include Guide Gratuity or lunch.

Tours up to 10 guests include delicious gourmet picnic lunch ordered to your specifications, complimentary water during the day and your guide will provide a cozy blanket for a picnic! We provide on board coolers for beverages.

Tours up to 10 guests do not inclue Park Entrance Fees or Guide Gratuity. Any side excursions such as the Roosevelt Cookout, Yellowstone Lake Ride, Aerial Tram Rides etc. will be booked and charged in addtion to the daily rate. 

 *All Discovery Yellowstone Tours by Big Sky Shuttle, Inc. are compliant with state and federal regulations and allow no more than 10 hours of drive time per day. Lunch stops, tour stops and any non driving time is not incldued in the 10 hour limit. 

*Extra pick up and drop off charges may apply for locations off main routes of MT 64 and MT 191. 


                                         Buggling Bull Elk in the Fall in Yellowstone!